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How can you find the right vocational career when there are around 200 to choose from? And how do you know which companies are currently looking for trainees? Which skills do you need to have for your dream job? And how long do you need to train for?
Career events are there to answer these questions, as well as all the others you may have. We’ll show you just how diverse the world of vocational careers actually is. You can find the perfect company for your vocational training so that your career is guaranteed to get off to a good start!

How it works

The ‘events search’ page gives you an overview of all career events in Lower Austria. The search function allows you to find events nearby. Other filters can be used to refine the search and to bring up detailed information about all the events that correspond to what you need.

Search for an event near you

Simply enter your postcode and set the radius within which you would like to search for an event.

Search for region

Alternatively, you can search for events in a preferred region.

Type of college

Are you looking for events aimed at a particular type of college? You can choose between elementary schools (VS, Volksschule ), new secondary schools (NMS, Neue Mittelschule), higher secondary academic schools (AHS)/grammar schools, and polytechnics (PTS).


Are you looking for events that are specifically aimed at boys or girls? Filters allow you to narrow down your search according to this criterion.

Vocational training? Why?

4 reasons to choose vocational training.

80% of vocational training is carried out on the job, and 20% is completed in a vocational training college. 

Trainees gain work experience from day one! As a result of hands-on training, they are able to gradually take on more responsibility.

Last year, trainees earned between €656 and €1849 per month, depending on their chosen career. 

Almost 1 in every 3 managers in Austria started out as a vocational trainee! At the end of your vocational training, you’ll have endless career options. Vocational training is the best way to jump-start your own business.

Get stuck in!

Swap pocket money for a pay cheque!

Swap school stress for job satisfaction!

Vacational career to your own business!

Vocational training? When? How?

Three ways to complete your vocational training

Vocational training is a comprehensive, compact and practice-based solution to train for your career. Training ALONGSIDE your A-levels (Matura) will give you the possibility to go to university later on. You can also begin vocational training AFTER your A-levels (Matura).

Vocational training

Vocational trainees in Austria spend 42 weeks of their year working in a business, and 10 weeks in the vocational training college.

This is referred to as a sandwich course. You can embark on a vocational training course at the end of your 9th year at school – in other words, once you have turned 15. Passing your Year 9 exams is not mandatory for vocational training, but it does give you a better chance to land the trainee position that you want.

You can also embark on a vocational training course at a later stage, e.g. if you have dropped out of a further education college.

Vocational training alongside A-Levels (Matura)

You can get started with the preparatory courses for your A-levels (Matura) during the first year of your traineeship. You can take three continual assessment exams (German, maths and a foreign language) during your traineeship. 

Before you can take your last continual assessment exam, you will need to have taken your final vocational training exam AND you will need to be 19 or over.

The exception to this is four-year vocational training courses. In this case, the continual assessment exam can also be taken as part of the final vocational training exam in the corresponding specialist field.

Vocational training after A-Levels (Matura)

If you’ve already passed your A-levels (Matura), it may qualify you for a shorter traineeship. Pupils who have successfully completed their course at a vocational secondary school (Fachschule) are not required to train for the normal length of time, as long as vocational training is legally possible. This also applies to people who have already completed a vocational training course.
Today, 4 out of 10 university students never manage to graduate. Following your A-levels (Matura) with vocational training provides you with a perfect foundation of training – with the necessary combination of theory and practice. 25% of people entering vocational training in Germany already have their A-levels.
Vocational training? When? How?
The diversity of vocational training.
As diverse as life itself!
There are 200 different
vocational careers in Austria.

Where to get financial support

Financial support from the state of Lower Austria

Financial support for vocational trainees

Special NÖ Lehre PLUS programme – financial support for training from the state of Lower Austria http://www.noe.gv.at/noe/Arbeitsmarkt/foerderung_LehrePlus.html
Financial support from the Lower Austrian AMS (job centre)

Financial support for vocational training courses:

Financial support from the Lower Austrian WK

Financial support for vocational trainees